About us

We are original. We are passionate.

We focus our efforts in the design and production of high quality natural extracts to get the most out of seaweed biomass. The unique versatility of seaweed natural extracts enables their use in a wide range of areas spanning from cosmetics to nutrition or biomaterials. We strive to offer easy access to novel quality bio compounds both to the scientific and industrial research communities.

About Investalga AHTI

Investalga Ahti is a biotech startup created in 2016 by entrepreneur and marine scientist PhD Nina Larissa Arroyo in Santander, Spain.

Investalga Ahti is committed to the development of a full range of unique natural extracts from seaweed biomass for applications in nutrition, cosmetics, drug formulation and therapeutics.

At Investalga Ahti, we help you to develop new innovative products by providing a scalable source of tailor-made seaweed natural extracts which best suit your needs.


Founded by scientists and entrepreneurs, grown by a talented team of committed professionals.