About us

INVESTALGA is a Spanish innovative biotech specializing in the production of high quality bioactive compounds obtained from green seaweeds for use in nutrition, personal care and health markets.

What we do

We are developing a scientific-technical- industrial base combining multiple disciplines: biotechnology, marine ecology, aquaculture, chemistry, nutrition and medicine, to credit and exploit the numerous potential applications derived from the unique biochemical composition of green seaweeds.


We apply cutting edge technologies to obtain high value top quality products


We produce premium quality and standardized green seaweed biomass combining in-vitro tissue cultures with large scale inland aquaculture systems.

End Uses

We offer unique tailor-made premium bioactive compounds adapted for nutrition, personal care and health applications.

Upstream & Downstream processing

Smart and green bioprocessing of seaweed biomass for the selective extraction of pure and safe bioactive compounds with unparalleled consistency.


INVESTALGA develops innovative R&D projects along with leading public and private organisations in the aquaculture, biotechnology and food sectors.


At Investalga Ahti, we help you to develop new innovative products by providing a scalable source of tailor-made seaweed natural extracts which best suit your needs.

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